Michael Frostad, M.D.

Philosophy of Care:

The privilege of my job is to assist parents as they try to raise their children to be happy, healthy, and to make good decisions in life.  It is a journey that we partner in and my role is to provide education for the family regarding current evidence based practices, medical counseling and expert recommendations.  With this collaboration, we often share times of joy and pride, as well as sorrow and frustrations as the children mature. 

Every child is different and every family is different.  I get to help parents gain the confidence to be the parent they want to be, and encourage children to develop into their own personhood, while keeping general wellness as a primary goal.

Why a Pediatrician:

I wanted to be a physician so I could help people.  My father was a Pediatrician here at Palouse pediatrics for over 40 years.  Those who know my father know that I am a lot like him.  I look like him, I walk like him, I talk like him and we share many of the same mannerisms.  So, in medical school I initially wanted to focus on something a little different than what my father did.   I thought I was heading towards Emergency Medicine instead of pediatrics, but during my medical school rotations, I soon found that I was a lot happier when I was dealing with the younger patients.  They seemed to smile a lot more than the adult patients and I seemed to smile a lot more when I was around them.  Eventually, I realized that I was best suited for pediatrics…just like my father, so my Pediatric residency soon followed.

 I value the relationships I have with my patients and their parents.  I enjoy things like calming a fussy baby, tickling a toddler, and talking with the teen about their latest victory.  As a pediatrician, I get to be a part of the lives of children.  How great is that! 

Personal Interests:

I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping and skiing with family and friends.  I like building gadgets in my garage with my welder and I would someday like to design and build my own boat.

I have enjoyed taking part in mission trips providing health care in some very different cultures.  So far, I have been to Venezuela, China, and Mexico.  It has been very rewarding to provide even a small amount of help in other parts of the world with great health care needs. It has also allowed me to have opportunity to help meet some spiritual needs as well.  I quickly realized that the parents of every culture I have encountered so far are just like the parents of our community.  They all really love their children and want the best possible life for them. 


  • Undergraduate: Washington State University
  • Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Certification: American Board of Pediatrics
  • Residency: University of South of Florida

Palouse Pediatrics is a proud member of the Pullman Regional Hospital Clinic Network.

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